Ricky is a fugitive from Salford/Manchester who got out while the going was good.

Got first guitar at 11.

First electric guitar was a Watkins Rapier, which is now a collector’s item - I thought it was crap.

First band at 15 (Wilde’s Weekenders) and various Others through the years.

1984 to 1998 in Hamburg. Released German version of Senza Una Donna in 1991 and nearly started World War III. Formed RAID with John and Ian in 2012 - now the world is our oyster (and apparently I’m 84 you know).


Ian was born and grew up in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and began his musical career playing snare drum and cymbals in the school orchestra before progressing to viola and then finally switching to guitar at age 14.

His early influences were Status Quo, Deep Purple and Lynyrd Skynyrd and he spent many happy hours attempting to emulate his heroes!

Playing rock music in school bands quickly started and moved on to playing on the pub and working mens club circuit around Sheffield in a band called Geneva in 1984 - we even managed to get a gig at the Leadmill one time!!

These days a keen interest in wine keeps him fairly quiet when he's not making a racket!


John started playing bass at the age of 14. Played in pre-punk band Vibrex, did demo tracks and few gigs round Leeds. We split up and ended up in a band with two bassists, so switched to guitar and played lead in band called Elwing.

Gigged around Leeds until early 80's. Got married, had three kids, just played acoustic for next 25 years.

Started again at 49 and later formed RAID with Rick and Ian. The rest is history...

Odd fact: bought first bass from Woolworths, had sunburst finish, sprayed it pale blue.


Phil is a refugee from the West Country who, when not pining for pasties and cider, plays drums for RAID if asked nicely.

Having learnt his chops in the Birmingham Indie and Metal scene of the 90’s and 00’s, he moved to the Calder Valley to escape his legions of adoring fans who laughingly called themselves ‘The Bailiffs Acting on Behalf of HMRC’.

In between RAID gigs, he drums for Northern trad-doom metal ne’er-do-wells The Human Condition and apparently has a proper job that we don’t talk about.

Gigs 2019

9th February Cragg Vale Private Party
15th February Hebden Bridge - from 8:30pm Sports and Social Club
20th April Lumb - from 8pm Hargreaves Arms
12th May Filey - from 4pm Bonhommes Bar
18th May Old Town - from 8pm Wadsworth
24th May Todmorden - from 8:30pm Polished Knob
25th May Hebden Bridge - from 8:30pm Sports and Social Club
7th July Filey - from 4pm Bonhommes Bar
12th July Todmorden - from 9:30pm Golden Lion
16th August Hebden Bridge - from 8:30pm Sports and Social Club
18th August Filey - from 4pm Bonhommes Bar
24th August Todmorden - from 8:30pm Polished Knob
7th September Cragg Fest - 8:10pm Cragg Vale
14th September Lumb - from 8pm Hargreaves Arms
6th October Filey - from 4pm Bonhommes Bar
26th October Colden - from 8:30pm New Delight
30th November Hebden Bridge - from 8:30pm Sports and Social Club
26th December Heptonstall - from 8:30pm White Lion
31st December Robin Hood - 9:30pm Cragg Vale



If you would like to book RAID to play at your venue please send an email to r.denys@hotmail.co.uk or call 07876070173